If you just stepped foot in Bogotá and you’re wondering how big it is... well, it’s six times the size of Italy. The fascinating thing about our capital city is that its size also translates into an impressive number of possibilities for exploring it.

Bogotá is home to a vibrant cultural scene, a gastronomic industry that grows monumentally (and gathers flavors from everywhere), and a historical footprint planted in each of its streets.

We already talked about its privileged location close to many natural attractions to visit. Now, what can we do inside the city?

There is no single answer and since we have been intermittently quarantined, we decided to make this list of outdoor activities for when it's over. Let's get ready to enjoy Bogota and shake off the confinement!


Visit the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens were one of my first Bogotá loves. Here, high Andean and paramo ecosystems are preserved and cared for.

You will find cryptogamous plants, the oldest on the planet; a greenhouse with native species, including the beautiful Colombian orchids; and the palmetum, with 588 individuals, including the National Tree of Colombia (the Wax Palm of Quindio).

My favorite part: you will get to know about the hundreds of medicinal, aromatic and spice plants that grow in our country.


Go for a Graffiti tour in La Candelaria 

Bogotá was founded in La Candelaria, formerly a sacred place for the Muisca culture. Today, you can walk through its beautiful streets still adorned with colonial and republican buildings that are preserved intact and coexist with masterful displays of street art.

Learn about the stories behind the murals and graffiti in the city center, and visit the local artisan markets. Reserve your spot here!


Enjoy an Outdoor picnic

The parks of Bogotá are like oases of nature in these times of isolation. Going for a picnic in the shade of a centennial tree is a good way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends in the city.

You can visit the Florida regional park, which is located west of the city and has a bird observatory and boats for a quiet ride on the lake. If you are in the north, the Chicó park (or park-museum Mercedes Sierra de Pérez) with its beautiful gardens and fountains is also a good option.


Go Trekking in Bogotá

Speaking of oases of nature, a good way to immerse yourself in one without having to leave the city is to hike along trails like La Vieja stream or La Aguadora. The winning prize? An incredible view of the city amidst forests of fresh air.

Please note that the entrance is open from Thursday to Sunday and a 35% capacity is allowed. Plan your visit in advance!


Explore Bogotá in a bike - City tour

A bike tour is a refreshing way to connect with the city and visit more places in less time. You can create your ideal route by planning in advance the places you want to visit according to the available bike paths that articulate Bogotá.

Remember to always wear your mask, wash your hands frequently and keep your social distance when exploring Bogota (and at all times). Find nature and city tours to explore Colombia here!