If you’re passionate about traveling you might be wondering how to become a digital nomad –we are, too.

Just picture it for a second: living in paradise, exploring and discovering new destinations. Being one with nature and constantly surrounded by kindred spirits with whom you share your curiosity and eagerness for adventure. All while you work. Any time of the year. Anywhere in the world.

Even though it seemed a dream too hard to accomplish, the digital life is closer than we think. In the past few months, the new normal has allowed us to see and do work differently. We have learnt to work, to communicate and even to manage our teams from home. We are now more aware of what we can do with a computer in our hands without the need of being stuck in an office.

That’s why the COVID 19 doesn’t necessarily mean isolation. On the contrary, now is the perfect time to discover new destinations while working remotely (while taking all the necessary measures).

It’s an unprecedented opportunity to discover Colombia’s Coffee Region and enjoy its dreamy landscapes and its ever present, luxurious smell of coffe (yes, there’s also Wi-Fi).

At the La Palma y el Tucán coffee farm, just 90 minutes from Bogotá, there is an experience-filled hotel where you can work comfortably and take the coffee tour, from planting and harvesting to distribution. It’s an inspiring and peaceful place where you can discover the magic of coffee.

For longer stays, and for a deep connection with the coffee region, Hacienda Venecia opens its temporary offices for digital nomads. It’s an idyllic place, surrounded by views of the coffee plantations and a landscape composed of birds, mountains, and gardens. You can go hiking on 8 different routes or bird watching, take a coffee tour or artisanal chocolate workshop, and live the experience of artisanal rum, where you will learn about the fermentation process of sugar cane-based guarapo.