What is it about?

The “Hope Vouchers” are an economic relief for people in the regions that work offering responsible tourism experiences in Colombia, and who have been affected by the world situation caused by COVID-19. Most of these people have found refuge in tourism, after living in situations of violence or armed conflict.

There are two types of vouchers, for specific activities and for complete trips:

Hope Voucher Activities: The buyer acquires a voucher to carry out a specific activity, which can be redeemed until December 1, 2021. The resources of these vouchers will benefit the organizers of these activities, which are mostly local guides who have committed to responsible tourism as a tool for sustainable development.

These experiences are led by local guides with extensive knowledge of their region. They are guides and small native settlers, with whom we have been working, whom we trust and in whom we have the conviction that their expectation of future activity is in tourism.

You can also find special discounts on full trips for travelers who are certain to travel to the destination in the coming months. Those are our favorites, because they impact more people and for a greater value. Complete trips are endorsed by the agency itself, Frontera Travel.

Why do we do it?

In the midst of the world situation, Covid - 19, the tourism sector has been one of the most affected and is expected to take the longest to recover.

Colombia has found in nature tourism an economic alternative for those people who inhabit isolated territories, with great natural capital and for those people who can show community experiences in their territories. The growth of national and international travelers, as a result of the peace process, has meant that more and more people are seeing the opportunity to dedicate themselves to tourism as a way of life.

We have found great talents since 2014, the year in which Frontera Travel was created. Our goal is to preserve these experiences, give the chain a breath from the base to our company.

What does the traveler who purchases a Hope Voucher get?

You will get a one-time experience that you can redeem for more than a year and a half from today (until December 1, 2021). You don't have to buy the whole trip, and you can later choose which full trip you want. Some experiences will not require you to purchase any additional services in the future. Others will require complementary services such as transportation, insurance, park tickets, accommodation, etc; in any case, each bonus specifies of which other experiences they are part of, for you to redeem it in the future.

What guarantees do you have from the agency?

The same as with any conventional agency. As long as the experiences continue to exist, you can redeem them. We have chosen our trusted providers, who have expressed their intention to continue offering tourism in the coming years and their intention to be part of the program. In each experience you will find the technical file of who are the people involved.

How are they acquired?

Through Frontera Travel. Choose the experience you like and book it with the form. We will send you a payment link for PSE.


DESTINATIONS- select the filter "Hope Voucher" - choose your favorite experience.

You can also contact us for card payments or bank transfers. Customer code, only write your ID.

How are they redeemed?

Contact Frontera Travel through our mail, chat on whatsapp or pbx +57 (1) 8418111.

Give us the ID number used in your purchase.

The acquisition will be subject to availability at the time of booking otherwise there should be no restrictions.

What are the general conditions of the voucher?

The voucher is valid until December 1, 2021.

They may be re-sold, transferable or not redeemed. In this case, the voucher is assumed as a donation for the actors involved in the tourism chain.

They may be redeemed subject to availability at the time of booking, with the ID that was assigned as the code.

All reservations must be made through Frontera Travel.

In the case of selling or gifting the voucher, you must inform Frontera Travel who will be the new user and the ID. There is no time limit for this. However, you can only redeem the voucher with the  ID of the person who owns it.