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Here you can enjoy endless beaches, virgin rainforest, waterfalls, hot springs and one of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world. If you are looking for an exclusive place in paradise, to get out of your routine and to immerse yourself in nature, LAKUKA is what you are looking for. 

 The eco hotel offers an eco-sustainable refuge that is in harmony with the natural paradise that surrounds it. The spacious rooms offer privacy, comfort and total tranquility to travelers. The energy is powered 100% by solar panels. Each room or cabin has its own  bathroom and is equipped with mosquito nets, towels, hammocks, flower arrangements and a private terrace with ocean view. The plans we offer include three meals prepared by native cooks, a welcome cocktail, juices and coffee, common spaces with hammocks and a guided tour to the jungle or the hot springs.

In whale season, our plans include a boat trip.

a Kuka´s location is ideal for travelling with kids and people from any age. It is located in front of the beach, with a moderate swell free of dangerous currents or rocks.

From June to October, hundreds of Humpback Whales migrate each year from the south of the American continent to the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific. The months of July to October are ideal to enjoy this natural spectacle that positions Colombia as a destination to experience Magic Realism. Come and experience this natural spectacle at the La Kuka hotel, located in Nuquí.

all the year
Whalewatching sesaon: jun-oct
4/5/6 days


  • Identity document
  • Photographic camera
  • Medicines for personal use
  • Repellent and sunscreen
  • Light clothing for warm weather, shorts, cotton t-shirts, comfortable sweatshirt or pants, raincoat, caps or sun hats.
  • Swimwear
  • Water shoes, tennis or boots that can get wet and have a grip underneath; to make trips through the jungle.
  • Sandals and shoes for walking on the beach and in different activities
  • Small backpack to carry your personal items
  • Reusable bottle
  • Waterproof bag to store your electronic devices to isolate them from moisture

For whale watching:

  • Keep your distance. Do not try to interact with the whales directly.
  • Be patient, it may take a few minutes to find them or several hours a day.
  • Do not throw trash in the sea.
  • Do not try to feed them.
  • If you are swimming and you come face to face, slowly back up and go away.
  • See that the captains of the boats comply with the principles of responsible sighting; keep a distance of at least 200mt, remind the tribulation to be silent as noise disturbs them, navigate slowly or in neutral, never obstruct their path (the approach should be from behind or from the side), leave them enough distance so that they can do pirouettes, never approach a mother with her baby.


What does it include and what doesn't?


  • Pick up by boat at the Nuquí airport and return to it, for guests who stay 3 nights or more.
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Hotel insurance
  • Solar energy 24 hours
  • Bilingual hosts for 80% of the year
  • Lodging in a private room or cabin with bathrooms and balconies with hammocks
  • Guided walks to waterfall of love and a native community (Termales or JovÍ)
  • Whale watching by boat (two hours). Sighting is not guaranteed *.
  • Complete meals with a pacific menu with an emphasis on fish. People who require a special menu must inform in advance.
  • Natural juices, drinking water and coffee 24 hours
  • Jar of water every day in the rooms
  • The facilities have comfortable common areas with furniture, hammocks, a basic library with books in multiple languages and games for the whole family.
  • Limited satellite internet for guests with emergencies.

Not included

  • Nuquí tourism tax: U$5 approx
  • Tickets to local attractions (Hot springs approx. U$5, Rio Joví between U$9 and U$13, mangroves, etc.)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Pick up by boat when you do not want to do the roundtrip walks (price to be agreed at the hotel depending on the number of passengers)
  • Sports equipment rental
  • Airplane tickets
  • Tips, phone calls, unspecified consumption, expenses and activities not described in the plan.
  • VAT for Colombians (U$12 per person)

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