2022 just started and we are here to recommend the best trips to begin this new year with new adventures and exploring our magical country.

Each of these destinations will recharge you with energy and you’ll be able to enjoy local destinations full of secrets, incredible landscapes and unique experiences that you will remember forever.


Explore the Lost City

4 nights / 5 days

In this destination, located in the paradise of Tayrona, you can immerse yourself in an oasis of vegetation towards the Lost City. On this tour on the way to an ancient civilization you will be able to listen to the sounds of the jungle, feel the pure air that passes through the trees and then bathe in crystal clear waters. You will get closer to the indigenous Kogui and Wiwa culture, knowing their ancestral connection with this sacred city. An indigenous guide from the Sierra Nevada will take you through this ancient adventure, so get ready to embark on this magical adventure.

Ideal for adventurous travelers who like long walks, as this sacred city is conquered on foot.


Live the experience of the Cerros de Mavecure

3 nights / 4 days

From the hand of the first indigenous local agency, you’ll walk in this territory like a true native. We move to Inírida, a destination full of magic immersed in nature, as it is an experience that will take you to meet the curious pink dolphins, who will be able to interact with you with a bit of luck, you will be able to see rivers with magical tones and colors while you observe the monumental guardians who take care of this land, Los Cerros de Mavecure, Mono and Pajarito. In this place you can share El Remanso with the community, they will teach you their customs and you will learn about their way of life in this adventure through the Orinoquia of Colombia.


A journey in the Macarena and Caño Cristales

3 nights / 4 days

This is a trip for the innate explorer, the one who wants to know Colombia from end to end and really discover the secrets that nature hides. In just four days you will experience places that connect you with the earth and allow you to explore the area like never before. You will do a circuit that will take you through the legendary Laguna del Silencio, the urban area of ​​La Macarena, you will experience a night in the jungle, you will visit the community of Raudal and the City of Stone. But one of the best experiences is when you arrive at Caño Cristales, it has been classified as the most beautiful river in the world that fills our Colombia with 7 colors. Live this tour for yourself, so you can explore all that our country has to offer.


Dream under the stars in the Condor's Nest

2 nights / 3 days

This is an experience that you should not miss for 2022, since in this destination you get closer to the biodiversity that surrounds it. On this plateau made up of two canyons, you will find a couple of condors that inhabit the area, which you will be able to observe when you are in the ecolodge. In this glamping site you can disconnect in this architecture designed to respect the environment, with all the comforts you need, you will be comfortable to sleep under the stars. On this journey you can go hiking and bird watching to end the day by disconnecting in this unforgettable experience. And how not to mention the experience that refers to the name, a couple of condors that nest just below the ecolodge and who recreate this unique landscape every morning when they take their flight through the mountains.


Live new experiences this 2022 with us, if you want to be part of any of these trips, do not hesitate to book.